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W G Doyle Drains was set up as a family run business with 45 years experience in
the drainage, sewage clearing and repair. W G Doyle Drains provide a professional
service to householders, insurers and businesses.

Traditional rodding method and high pressured cleaning service before leaving site

We are a licensed waste carrier.

Adding drainage in a large garden

Drainage & Sewage Problems

We work with a range of typical drainage and sewage problems every day, from blocked or broken drains to failed soakaways and more.

Accidental & Unexpected Damage

This covers toilets and drainage, drains, soakaways, cesspits and septic tanks.

Leaking stench pipe - Step 3
Leaking stench pipe - Step 2

Cesspits & Septic Tanks

There are many reasons for leaks, cracking and collapsing, such as ground movement, vehicle activity and tree root growth! Problems with it?

General property maintenance

We also offer general property maintenance as well.

Repaired leaking stench pipe - Step 1

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my septic tank not draining or backing up?

It could be that your septic tank is blocked up with sludge, it might have root damage and could also be experiencing sunken pipes. In truth, there are many reasons why your septic tank might not be draining or backing up, and you should ask an expert to take a look.

Why is your bath taking longer to drain away?

This can be for a variety of reasons, usually a build up of debris in the pipes, for example soap, hair or shampoo.

You may need to have your drains cleaned or unblocked before your bath water drains away quickly again.

What can you do if your drains are blocked?

Step 1 – Call Doyle Drains

Step 2 – We will clear the blockage 

Step 3 – Find the cause 

Step 4 – Rectify cause if required

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